# 001 Bulbasaur
Ordinary sprites
001 normal icon 001 shiny icon 001 shadow icon
Elemental sprites
001 elemental bug icon 001 elemental dark icon 001 elemental dragon icon 001 elemental electric icon 001 elemental fairy icon 001 elemental fighting icon
001 elemental fire icon 001 elemental flying icon 001 elemental ghost icon 001 elemental grass icon 001 elemental ground icon 001 elemental ice icon
001 elemental normal icon 001 elemental poison icon 001 elemental psychic icon 001 elemental rock icon 001 elemental steel icon 001 elemental water icon
Grass-Type icon Poison-Type icon
Base Stats
HP 45
Attack 49
Defense 49
Sp. Atk 65
Sp. Def 65
Speed 45
2499 normal icon
002 normal icon
Missingno Ivysaur

Description Edit

Bulbasaur is a small, quadruped Pokémon that has blue-green skin with darker green patches. It has red eyes with white pupils and pointed, ear-like structures on top of its head. Its snout is short and blunt, and it has a wide mouth. A pair of small, pointed teeth are visible in the upper jaw when its mouth is open. Each of its thick legs ends with three sharp claws. On its back is a green plant bulb, which is grown from a seed planted there at birth. The bulb provides it with energy through photosynthesis as well as from the nutrient-rich seeds contained within.

As mentioned in the anime, starter Pokémon are raised by Breeders to be distributed to new Trainers. Having been domesticated from birth, Bulbasaur is regarded as both a rare and well-behaved Pokémon. It is known to be extremely loyal, even after long-term abandonment. Bulbasaur has also shown itself to be an excellent caretaker, even having a special technique called the "Bulba-by." To perform this technique, Bulbasaur uses its vines to pick up a young Pokémon and soothingly rocks it in the air. It is found in grasslands and forests throughout the Kanto region. However, due to Bulbasaur's status as starter Pokémon, it is hard to come by in the wild and generally found under the ownership of a Trainer. It has been observed that a Bulbasaur's bulb will flash blue when it is ready to evolve. If it does not want to evolve, it struggles to resist the transformation. Many Bulbasaur gather every year in a hidden garden in Kanto to evolve into Ivysaur in a ceremony led by a Venusaur.

Location Edit

Evolution Edit

Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur
001 normal icon
Level 16

002 normal icon
Level 32

003 normal icon

Ability Edit

  • Overgrow: Powers up Grass-type moves under 1/3 of maximum HP.
  • Chlorophyll: Raises Pokemon's Speed in sunny weather.

Moveset Edit

For Elemental moves learnable by Elemental Bulbasaur, refer to this page.
Level up (edit)
Lv Move Name Type Category Pwr. Cldwn. Dur. Acc. Effect % Target
0 Tackle Normal-Type Physical move 50 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
3 Growl Normal-Type Status move --- 2.4s 100% 100% Around
7 Leech Seed Grass-Type Status move --- 1.2s 90% 100% Single
9 Vine Whip Grass-Type Physical move 35 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.
13 Poison Powder Poison-Type Status move --- 1.8s --- 75% 100% Around
Poisons the target if hit.
14 Sleep Powder Grass-Type Status move --- 2.4s 12s 100% 75% Around
May cause target to fall asleep.
15 Take Down Normal-Type Physical move 90 1.2s --- 85% 100% Single
User suffers from 1/4 recoil damage as dealt.
19 Razor Leaf Grass-Type Physical move 55 1.2s --- 95% --- Single
Normal attack.
21 Sweet Scent Normal-Type Status move --- 2.4s --- 100% 100% Single
Reduces target's Evasion by 1.
25 Growth Normal-Type Status move --- 3.6s Can't Miss 100% Self
27 Double-Edge Normal-Type Physical move 120 1.2s --- 100% 100% Single
User suffers from 1/3 recoil damage as dealt.
31 Worry Seed Grass-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss --- Single
33 Synthesis Grass-Type Status move --- 60s Can't Miss 100% Single
37 Seed Bomb Grass-Type Physical move 80 1.2s --- 100% --- Single
Normal attack.

Damage Taken Edit

For the type weakness of Elemental Bulbasaur, refer to this page.
Main article: List of Pokemon Weaknesses
Normal-Type2 Fighting-Type2 Flying-Type2 Poison-Type2 Ground-Type2 Rock-Type2 Bug-Type2 Ghost-Type2 Steel-Type2 Fire-Type2 Water-Type2 Grass-Type2 Electric-Type2 Psychic-Type2 Ice-Type2 Dragon-Type2 Dark-Type2 Fairy-Type2 Shadow-Type2
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