Elemental Pokémon are rare Pokémon that their type is different from the usual types. Each Pokémon can become elemental of one of the 18 types.

In Update 1.9, there has been a HUGE change to elemental Pokémon.


  • Another type will be added to the original type(s), making 3 as the maximum number of types of any Pokémon.
    • Along with this change, an elemental Pokémon's attacks will no longer get turned into the elemental type.
3 types

As you see here, this Altaria has 3 types when it is a Elemental

  • Due to a bug, there is not a double STAB bonus for elementals. If there was one, then the STAB multiplier of 2 same types would be 2.25. (Example: Fire Charmander using Ember, the power would go from 40 to 90).
  • Elemental Pokémon gain 1.5 times more experience than non-elemental Pokémon.
  • A selection of moves based on the elemental type can be learned and relearned, according to a Pokémon level:
    • At level 1, Elemental Pokémon get 2 Elemental moves then afterwards, every 10 levels the Elemental Pokémon will learn a new move based on it's element. (Except for Normal, Grass and Fairy).

Level Type
Bug Dark Dragon Electric
1 String Shot
Pin Missile
Dual Chop
Thunder Wave
10 Fury Cutter Snarl DragonBreath Spark
20 Struggle Bug Assurance Dragon Tail Charge Beam
30 Bug Bite Bite Dragon Dance Thunder Wave
40 Silver Wind Dark Void Dragon Rage Magnet Rise
50 Leech Life Fake Tears Dragon Claw Thunder Fang
60 Quiver Dance Nasty Plot Dragon Pulse Thunderbolt
70 X-Scissor Dark Pulse Dragon Rush Wild Charge
80 Attack Order Night Daze Spacial Rend Zap Cannon
90 Bug Buzz Foul Play Outrage Thunder
100 Megahorn Hyperspace Fury Roar of Time Bolt Strike
Level Type
Fairy Fighting Fire Flying
1 Charm
Triple Kick
Bulk Up
10 Sweet Kiss Karate Chop Flame Wheel Acrobatics
20 Fairy Wind Vacuum Wave Incinerate Air Cutter
30 Draining Kiss Circle Throw Flame Burst Wing Attack
40 Dazzling Gleam Force Palm Fire Fang Tailwind
50 Play Rough Vital Throw Lava Plume Roost
60 Moonblast Aura Sphere Flamethrower Defog
70 Geomancy Seismic Toss Fire Blast Fly
80 --- Focus Blast Flare Blitz Aeroblast
90 --- Focus Punch Inferno Sky Attack
100 --- Hi Jump Kick Sunny Day Hurricane
Level Type
Ghost Ground Ice Poison
1 Lick
Confuse Ray
Sand Attack
Icicle Spear
Powder Snow
Poison Gas
Poison Sting
10 Astonish Sand Tomb Ice Shard Acid
20 Shadow Sneak Spikes Icy Wind Poison Fang
30 Ominous Wind Magnitude Avalanche Toxic Spikes
40 Trick-or-Treat Mud Shot Aurora Beam Acid Armor
50 Shadow Punch Bulldoze Haze Gastro Acid
60 Hex Mud Bomb Hail Venoshock
70 Night Shade Dig Ice Fang Poison Jab
80 Shadow Claw Earth Power Ice Beam Sludge Bomb
90 Shadow Ball Earthquake Blizzard Sludge Wave
100 Shadow Force Fissure Sheer Cold Gunk Shot
Level Type
Psychic Rock Steel Water
1 Hypnosis
Stored Power
Rock Blast
Bullet Punch
Metal Claw
Water Gun
10 Heart Stamp Wide Guard Gear Grind Water Pulse
20 Confusion Rock Throw Magnet Bomb Aqua Jet
30 Heal Pulse AncientPower Mirror Shot Bubblebeam
40 Agility Rock Polish Autotomize Brine
50 Calm Mind Sandstorm Iron Defense Dive
60 Psybeam Stealth Rock Metal Sound Aqua Ring
70 Psyshock Power Gem Gyro Ball Scald
80 Zen Headbutt Stone Edge Meteor Mash Hydro Pump
90 Psychic Head Smash Iron Tail Surf
100 Psystrike Rock Wrecker Doom Desire Rain Dance
Level Type
Grass Normal
1 Leech Seed
Defense Curl
5 --- Swords Dance
10 GrassWhistle Cut
15 --- Roar
20 Cotton Guard
Stun Spore
25 ---
30 Vine Whip
Mega Drain
Body Slam
Focus Energy
35 --- Echoed Voice
40 Ingrain Feint
45 ---
50 Leaf Tornado Endure
55 --- False Swipe
60 Horn Leech Growth
65 --- Heal Bell
70 Seed Bomb Metronome
75 --- Substitute
80 Energy Ball Recover
85 ---
90 SolarBeam Scary Face
95 --- Horn Drill?
100 Frenzy Plant Boomburst


On Alpha 0.2 Release, Elemental Pokémon appeared! When they appear, a message pops up saying that a Elemental Pokemon has appeared, just like Shiny/Shadow Pokémon when they do appear.

They have a red bar just like wild Shiny and Shadow pokemon do. This means you can capture the Pokémon freely without having to weaken it.

Elemental pokemon wild


Some elemental are less rare than shiny and some are more rare and some are the same. Certain types are exclusive for different game versions:

Rarity Game Version
Alpha Omega
Less rare than shiny
(1/2667 chance)
Bug-TypeFlying-TypeGround-Type Normal-TypePoison-TypeRock-Type
Same as shiny
(1/4000 chance)
Grass-TypeWater-TypeElectric-Type Fire-TypeFighting-TypeGhost-Type
More rare than shiny
(1/8000 chance)
Ice-TypePsychic-TypeFairy-Type Steel-TypeDark-TypeDragon-Type


Before v1.9Edit

  • The type and all the moves an elemental Pokémon will be overridden of the elemental type. (There is exception, see below). For example, a Electric Elemental Pokémon is Pure Electric type and all of their moves are Electric type.
  • The type (Both primary and secondary types if applicable) becomes the elemental type.
  • All moves used follows the elemental type, and comply to effectiveness rules.
    • For example, an elemental Electric Blastoise using Hydro Pump will NOT hit Dugtrio, since Ground type is immune to Electric type.
  • The additional effects of the moves will remain the same.
    • For example, Ice Beam will still cause frozen status even used by elemental Fire type.
  • Elemental type will not be erased after evolution.


"Since we already captured most shiny and shadow Pokémon in PTD1/2 I added a new "Shiny" type for PTD3 called Elemental. It is different from Shiny/Shadow because it completely changes your Pokémon type as well as all their attack types."

Shadow Pokémon will act the same way as elementals, all of their moves are Shadow type.

Trivia Edit

  • Dragon Elementals learn Dragon Rage at level 40, meanwhile Dragon Rage does a fixed damage of 40.
  • Boss Pokemon used to be able to have a chance of appearing as an elemental.