Mystery gift
As of 11/26/2016, Sam is doing Mystery Gifts for PTD3. It is at the home page of PTD3 trading center.

How to claim: Go to the PTD3 trading center, find a button that says Mystery Gift, and claim!

Or you can go to this link: (Here's a tip, you can keep refreshing on that page to keep claiming that mystery gift!)

Date added Picture Pokémon Code
2/14/2018 179 elemental electric icon Mareep (Electric Elemental) None
6/10/2017 246 elemental dragon icon Larvitar (Dragon Elemental) Register as an user in PTD3 Pandora Gaming Forum


Expired Mystery Gift Pokemon Edit

Expired Mystery Gift(s)
Date added Picture Pokémon Code
11/26/2016 to 12/13/2016 151 elemental grass icon 151 elemental poison icon 151 elemental water icon 151 elemental fire icon 151 elemental normal icon 151 elemental flying icon 151 elemental bug icon 151 elemental ghost icon 151 elemental steel icon 151 elemental rock icon 151 elemental electric icon 151 elemental ice icon 151 elemental fighting icon 151 elemental ground icon 151 elemental dragon icon 151 elemental dark icon 151 elemental psychic icon 151 elemental fairy icon Mew(Grass, Poison, Water, Fire, Normal, Flying, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Rock, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Dragon, Dark, Psychic, and Fairy Elementals) None
12/14/2016 to 12/31/2016 151 elemental grass icon 151 elemental poison icon 151 elemental water icon 151 elemental fire icon 151 elemental normal icon 151 elemental flying icon 151 elemental bug icon 151 elemental ghost icon 151 elemental steel icon 151 elemental rock icon 151 elemental electric icon 151 elemental ice icon 151 elemental fighting icon 151 elemental ground icon 151 elemental dragon icon 151 elemental dark icon 151 elemental psychic icon 151 elemental fairy icon Mew(Grass, Poison, Water, Fire, Normal, Flying, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Rock, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Dragon, Dark, Psychic, and Fairy Elementals) None
1/2/2017 to 1/8/2017 133 elemental poison icon 133 elemental flying icon 133 elemental bug icon 133 elemental ghost icon 133 elemental steel icon 133 elemental rock icon 133 elemental fighting icon Eevee(Poison, Flying, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Rock, and Fighting Elementals) None
1/11/2017 to 1/18/17 143 elemental grass icon 143 elemental fire icon 143 elemental water icon 143 elemental dark icon 143 elemental fighting icon 143 elemental dark icon 143 elemental dragon icon 143 elemental grass icon Snorlax(Grass, Fire, Water, Dark, Fighting, Dark, Dragon, and Grass Elementals) None
1/19/2017 to 1/25/17 123 elemental grass icon 123 elemental water icon 123 elemental fire icon 123 elemental poison icon 123 elemental rock icon 123 elemental fairy icon 123 elemental fighting icon Scyther(Grass, Water, Fire, Poison, Rock, Fairy, and Fighting Elementals) None
1/28/2017 to 2/3/2017 058 elemental bug icon 058 elemental steel icon 058 elemental grass icon 058 elemental ice icon 058 elemental fairy icon 058 elemental rock icon 058 elemental ground icon Growlithe(Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, Fairy, Rock, and Ground Elementals) None
2/4/2017 to 2/10/2017 147 elemental fire icon 147 elemental water icon 147 elemental grass icon 147 elemental electric icon 147 elemental ice icon 147 elemental psychic icon 147 elemental dark icon Dratini(Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Psychic, and Dark Elementals) None
2/12/2017 to 2/18/2017 004 elemental dark icon 004 elemental ice icon 004 elemental water icon 004 elemental grass icon 004 elemental steel icon 004 elemental bug icon 004 elemental fairy icon Charmander(Dark, Ice, Water, Grass, Steel, Bug, and Fairy Elementals) None
2/19/2017 to 2/25/17 081 elemental rock icon 081 elemental fire icon 081 elemental flying icon 081 elemental psychic icon 081 elemental dark icon 081 elemental dragon icon 081 elemental ground icon Magnemite(Rock, Fire, Flying, Psychic, Dark, Dragon, and Ground Elementals) None
2/26/2017 to 3/4/2017 095 elemental steel icon 095 elemental water icon 095 elemental grass icon 095 elemental ice icon 095 elemental fighting icon 095 elemental flying icon 095 elemental normal icon Onix(Steel, Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Flying, and Normal Elementals) None
3/5/2017 to 3/11/2017 146 elemental ice icon 146 elemental electric icon 146 elemental psychic icon 146 elemental dragon icon 146 elemental fairy icon 146 elemental ghost icon 146 elemental dark icon Moltres(Ice, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark Elementals) None
3/26/2017 to 4/1/2017 144 elemental rock icon 144 elemental steel icon 144 elemental fire icon 144 elemental electric icon 144 elemental dark icon 144 elemental fairy icon 144 elemental ghost icon Articuno(Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric, Dark, Fairy, and Ghost Elementals) None
4/2/2017 to 4/8/2017 145 elemental rock icon 145 elemental ice icon 145 elemental fire icon 145 elemental ground icon 145 elemental steel icon 145 elemental dark icon 145 elemental poison icon Zapdos(Rock, Ice, Fire, Ground, Steel, Dark, and Poison Elementals) None
4/9/2017 to 4/15/2017 092 elemental psychic icon092 elemental dark icon 092 elemental electric icon 092 elemental ice icon 092 elemental fairy icon 092 elemental normal icon 092 elemental flying icon Gastly(Psychic, Dark, Electric, Ice, Fairy, Normal and Flying Elementals) None
4/16/2017 to 4/22/2017 063 elemental bug icon063 elemental ghost icon063 elemental dark icon063 elemental fighting icon063 elemental steel icon063 elemental electric icon063 elemental fairy icon Abra(Bug, Ghost, Dark, Fighting, Steel, Electric, and Fairy Elementals) None
4/23/2017 to 4/29/2017 107 elemental rock icon107 elemental steel icon107 elemental dark icon107 elemental psychic icon107 elemental fairy icon107 elemental poison icon107 elemental fire icon Hitmonchan(Rock, Steel, Dark, Psychic, Fairy, Poison, and Fire Elementals) None
4/30/2017 to 5/6/2017 106 elemental water icon106 elemental electric icon106 elemental grass icon106 elemental ice icon106 elemental dragon icon106 elemental ground icon106 elemental bug icon Hitmonlee(Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Ground, and Bug Elementals) None
5/7/2017 to 5/13/2017 142 elemental dragon icon142 elemental fire icon142 elemental ice icon142 elemental electric icon142 elemental steel icon142 elemental normal icon142 elemental grass icon Aerodactyl(Dragon, Fire, Ice, Electric, Steel, Normal, and Grass Elementals) None
5/14/2017 to 5/20/2017 150 elemental fairy icon150 elemental steel icon150 elemental flying icon150 elemental dark icon150 elemental bug icon150 elemental fighting icon150 elemental poison icon Mewtwo(Fairy, Steel, Flying, Dark, Bug, Fighting, and Poison Elementals) None
5/21/2017 to 5/27/2017 113 elemental ghost icon113 elemental fighting icon113 elemental fairy icon113 elemental dark icon113 elemental psychic icon113 elemental poison icon113 elemental grass icon Chansey(Ghost, Fighting, Fairy, Dark, Psychic, Poison, and Grass Elementals) None
5/28/2017 to 6/3/2017 016 elemental ground icon016 elemental ghost icon016 elemental rock icon016 elemental electric icon016 elemental ice icon016 elemental bug icon016 elemental grass icon Pidgey(Ground, Ghost, Rock, Electric, Ice, Bug, and Grass Elementals) None
6/4/2017 to 6/10/17 126 elemental rock icon126 elemental ground icon126 elemental water icon126 elemental ice icon126 elemental poison icon126 elemental dark icon126 elemental electric icon Magmar(Rock, Ground, Water, Ice, Poison, Dark, and Electric Elementals) None
6/11/2017 to 6/17/17 029 elemental fire icon029 elemental water icon029 elemental ice icon029 elemental psychic icon029 elemental fairy icon029 elemental electric icon029 elemental grass icon Nidoran F(Fire, Water, Ice, Psychic, Fairy, Electric, and Grass Elementals) None
6/18/2017 to 6/24/2017 032 elemental ground icon 032 elemental fairy icon 032 elemental fighting icon 032 elemental bug icon 032 elemental ghost icon 032 elemental steel icon 032 elemental dragon icon Nidoran M(Ground, Fairy, Fighting, Bug, Ghost, Steel, and Dragon Elementals) None
6/25/2017 to 7/1/2017 054 elemental fairy icon054 elemental grass icon 054 elemental electric icon 054 elemental dark icon 054 elemental ghost icon 054 elemental fire icon 054 elemental steel icon Psyduck(Fairy, Grass, Electric, Dark, Ghost, Fire, and Steel Elementals) None
7/2/2017 to 7/8/2017 122 elemental ghost icon 122 elemental poison icon 122 elemental psychic icon 122 elemental steel icon 122 elemental normal icon 122 elemental bug icon Mr. Mime(Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Steel, Normal, and Bug Elementals) None
7/9/2017 to 7/15/2017 039 elemental dark icon 039 elemental fire icon 039 elemental normal icon 039 elemental ghost icon 039 elemental psychic icon 039 elemental fighting icon 039 elemental grass icon Jigglypuff(Dark, Fire, Normal, Ghost, Psychic, Fighting, and Grass Elementals) None
7/16/2017 to 7/22/2017 102 elemental psychic icon102 elemental grass icon102 elemental dark icon102 elemental flying icon102 elemental normal icon102 elemental rock icon102 elemental dragon icon Exeggcute(Psychic, Grass, Dark, Flying, Normal, Rock, and Dragon Elementals) None
7/23/2017 to 8/5/2017 131 elemental water icon131 elemental ice icon131 elemental fire icon131 elemental electric icon131 elemental grass icon131 elemental fairy icon131 elemental normal icon Lapras(Water, Ice, Fire, Electric, Grass, Fairy, and Normal Elementals) None
8/6/2017 to 8/12/2017 115 elemental ghost icon115 elemental rock icon115 elemental ground icon115 elemental normal icon115 elemental dragon icon115 elemental fighting icon115 elemental steel icon Kangaskhan(Ghost, Rock, Ground, Normal, Dragon, Fighting, and Steel Elementals) None
8/13/2017 to 8/19/2017 056 elemental dark icon056 elemental bug icon056 elemental rock icon056 elemental fighting icon056 elemental flying icon056 elemental steel icon056 elemental psychic icon Mankey(Dark, Bug, Rock, Fighting, Flying, Steel, and Psychic Elementals) None
8/20/2017 to 8/26/2017 125 elemental fairy icon125 elemental ground icon125 elemental grass icon125 elemental electric icon125 elemental bug icon125 elemental dark icon125 elemental fighting icon Electabuzz(Fairy, Ground, Grass, Electric, Bug, Dark, and Fighting Elementals) None
8/27/2017 to 9/2/2017 086 elemental dragon icon086 elemental electric icon086 elemental grass icon086 elemental ice icon086 elemental water icon086 elemental bug icon086 elemental poison icon Seel(Dragon, Electric, Grass, Ice, Water, Bug, and Poison Elementals) None
9/5/2017 to 9/9/2017

100 elemental dark icon100 elemental electric icon100 elemental ground icon100 elemental steel icon100 elemental ice icon

Voltorb(Dark, Electric, Ground, Steel, and Ice Elementals) None
9/10/2017 to 9/16/2017 137 elemental ghost icon137 elemental fighting icon137 elemental flying icon137 elemental normal icon137 elemental ground icon137 elemental poison icon137 elemental electric icon Porygon(Ghost, Fighting, Normal, Ground, Poison, and Electric Elementals) None
9/17/2017 to 9/23/2017

127 elemental steel icon127 elemental fire icon127 elemental electric icon127 elemental bug icon127 elemental flying icon127 elemental fairy icon127 elemental ground icon

Pinsir(Steel, Fire, Electric, Bug, Flying, Fairy, and Ground Elementals) None
9/24/2017 to 9/30/2017 050 elemental water icon050 elemental grass icon050 elemental ice icon050 elemental ground icon050 elemental electric icon050 elemental steel icon050 elemental bug icon Diglett(Water, Grass, Ice, Ground, Electric, Steel, and Bug Elementals) None
10/1/2017 to 10/7/2017 079 elemental ghost icon079 elemental dark icon079 elemental psychic icon079 elemental water icon079 elemental dragon icon079 elemental grass icon079 elemental normal icon Slowpoke(Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Water, Dragon, Grass, and Normal Elementals) None
10/8/2017 to 10/14/2017 021 elemental rock icon021 elemental electric icon021 elemental ice icon021 elemental normal icon021 elemental flying icon021 elemental ground icon021 elemental ghost icon Spearow

 (Rock, Electric, Ice, Normal, Flying, Ground, and Ghost Elementals)

10/15/2017 to 10/21/2017 035 elemental poison icon 035 elemental steel icon 035 elemental ghost icon 035 elemental fairy icon 035 elemental dragon icon 035 elemental normal icon 035 elemental dark icon Clefairy (Poison, Steel, Ghost, Fairy, Dragon, Normal, Dark Elementals) None
10/22/2017 108 elemental fighting icon Lickitung (Fighting Elemental) None
10/23/2017 108 elemental ghost icon Lickitung (Ghost Elemental) None
10/24/2017 108 elemental fire icon Lickitung (Fire Elemental) None
10/25/2017 108 elemental normal icon Lickitung (Normal Elemental) None
10/26/2017 108 elemental bug icon Lickitung (Bug Elemental) None
10/27/2017 108 elemental poison icon Lickitung (Poison Elemental) None
10/28/2017 108 elemental water icon Lickitung (Water Elemental) None
10/29/2017 114 elemental flying icon Tangela (Flying Elemental) None
10/30/2017 114 elemental poison icon Tangela (Poison Elemental) None
10/31/2017 114 elemental bug icon Tangela (Bug Elemental) None
11/1/2017 114 elemental grass icon Tangela (Grass Elemental) None
11/2/2017 114 elemental fire icon Tangela (Fire Elemental) None
11/3/2017 114 elemental ice icon Tangela (Ice Elemental) None
11/4/2017 114 elemental water icon Tangela (Water Elemental) None
11/5/2017 048 elemental flying icon Venonat (Flying Elemental) None
11/6/2017 048 elemental rock icon Venonat (Rock Elemental) None
11/7/2017 048 elemental fire icon Venonat (Fire Elemental) None
11/8/2017 048 elemental bug icon Venonat (Bug Elemental) None
11/9/2017 048 elemental poison icon Venonat (Poison Elemental) None
11/10/2017 048 elemental psychic icon Venonat (Psychic Elemental) None
11/11/2017 048 elemental electric icon Venonat (Electric Elemental) None
11/12/2017 084 elemental rock icon Doduo (Rock Elemental) None
11/13/2017 084 elemental electric icon Doduo (Electric Elemental) None
11/14/2017 084 elemental ice icon Doduo (Ice Elemental) None
11/15/2017 084 elemental normal icon Doduo (Normal Elemental) None
11/16/2017 084 elemental flying icon Doduo (Flying Elemental) None
11/17/2017 084 elemental dark icon Doduo (Dark Elemental) None
11/18/2017 084 elemental grass icon Doduo (Grass Elemental) None
11/19/2017 111 elemental steel icon Rhyhorn (Steel Elemental) None
11/20/2017 111 elemental fighting icon Rhyhorn (Fighting Elemental) None
11/21/2017 111 elemental water icon Rhyhorn (Water Elemental) None
11/22/2017 111 elemental ground icon Rhyhorn (Ground Elemental) None
11/23/2017 111 elemental rock icon Rhyhorn (Rock Elemental) None
11/24/2017 111 elemental grass icon Rhyhorn (Grass Elemental) None
11/25/2017 111 elemental ice icon Rhyhorn (Ice Elemental) None
11/26/2017 to 12/2/2017 2500 elemental bug icon 2500 elemental dark icon 2500 elemental dragon icon 2500 elemental electric icon 2500 elemental fairy icon 2500 elemental fighting icon 2500 elemental fire icon 2500 elemental flying icon 2500 elemental ghost icon 2500 elemental grass icon 2500 elemental ground icon 2500 elemental ice icon 2500 elemental normal icon 2500 elemental poison icon 2500 elemental psychic icon 2500 elemental rock icon 2500 elemental steel icon 2500 elemental water icon Chameleaf (1 of 18 Elements will be obtained depending on your Trainer ID) None
12/3/2017 to 12/9/2017 2503 elemental bug icon 2503 elemental dark icon 2503 elemental dragon icon 2503 elemental electric icon 2503 elemental fairy icon 2503 elemental fighting icon File:2503 elemental fire icon.png 2503 elemental flying icon 2503 elemental ghost icon 2503 elemental grass icon 2503 elemental ground icon 2503 elemental ice icon 2503 elemental normal icon 2503 elemental poison icon 2503 elemental psychic icon 2503 elemental rock icon 2503 elemental steel icon 2503 elemental water icon Coalla (1 of 18 Elements will be obtained depending on your Trainer ID) None
12/10/2017 to 12/16/2017 File:2506 elemental bug icon.png File:2506 elemental dark icon.png File:2506 elemental dragon icon.png File:2506 elemental electric icon.png File:2506 elemental fairy icon.png File:2506 elemental fighting icon.png File:2506 elemental fire icon.png File:2506 elemental flying icon.png File:2506 elemental ghost icon.png File:2506 elemental grass icon.png File:2506 elemental ground icon.png File:2506 elemental ice icon.png File:2506 elemental normal icon.png File:2506 elemental poison icon.png File:2506 elemental psychic icon.png File:2506 elemental rock icon.png File:2506 elemental steel icon.png File:2506 elemental water icon.png Bubbul (1 of 18 Elements will be obtained depending on your Trainer ID) None
12/17/2017 to 12/23/2017 124 elemental ghost icon 124 elemental dark icon 124 elemental fire icon 124 elemental ice icon 124 elemental psychic icon 124 elemental fairy icon 124 elemental bug icon Jynx (Ghost, Dark, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Fairy, Bug Elementals) None
12/31/2017 to 1/6/2018 140 elemental electric icon 140 elemental grass icon 140 elemental rock icon 140 elemental water icon 140 elemental ground icon 140 elemental fighting icon 140 elemental bug icon Kabuto (Electric, Grass, Rock, Water, Ground, Fighting, Bug Elementals]] None
1/7/2018 to 1/13/2018 138 elemental ghost icon 138 elemental fairy icon 138 elemental dark icon 138 elemental rock icon 138 elemental water icon 138 elemental dragon icon 138 elemental ice icon Omanyte (Ghost, Fairy, Dark, Rock, Water, Dragon, Ice Elementals) None
1/14/2018 to 1/20/2018 132 elemental fighting icon 132 elemental ghost icon 132 elemental poison icon 132 elemental normal icon 132 elemental water icon 132 elemental bug icon 132 elemental fire icon Ditto (Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Normal, Water, Bug, Fire Elementals) None
1/22/2018 158 elemental electric icon Totodile (Electric Elemental) None
1/23/2018 158 elemental fire icon Totodile (Fire Elemental) None
1/24/2018 158 elemental water icon Totodile (Water Elemental) None
1/25/2018 158 elemental dragon icon Totodile (Dragon Elemental) None
1/26/2018 158 elemental ice icon Totodile (Ice Elemental) None
1/27/2018 158 elemental normal icon Totodile (Normal Elemental) None
1/28/2018 175 elemental poison icon Togepi (Poison Elemental) None
1/29/2018 175 elemental steel icon Togepi (Steel Elemental) None
1/30/2018 175 elemental dragon icon Togepi (Dragon Elemental) None
1/31/2018 175 elemental fairy icon Togepi (Fairy Elemental) None
2/1/2018 175 elemental normal icon Togepi (Normal Elemental) None
2/2/2018 175 elemental dark icon Togepi (Dark Elemental) None
2/3/2018 175 elemental flying icon Togepi (Flying Elemental) None
2/11/2018 179 elemental ground icon Mareep (Ground Elemental) None
2/12/2018 179 elemental fairy icon Mareep (Fairy Elemental) None
2/13/2018 179 elemental dark icon Mareep (Dark Elemental) None
2/14/2018 179 elemental electric icon Mareep (Electric Elemental) None

Trivia Edit

  • When Sam first made Moltres into a Elemental Ice Mystery Gift, people were able to claim Male and Female Ice Moltres. Sam fixed this on the same day later.
  • When Sam first made Nidoran M into a Elemental Ground Mystery Gift, people were able to claim Female Nidoran M while Nidoran M cannot be Female. This also goes for Fairy Nidoran M.
  • Voltorb, Mr. Mime, and Totodile are the only Pokemon that were a mystery gift for less then 7 days.

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