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This is the Story of PTD3 and everything below is taken from Cutscenes. This is not about the gameplay at all. There will be Spoilers for the Story so turn back now if you care about spoilers for the PTD3 story.

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Chapter 1 Storyline Edit

Future Edit

Part 1
You see Cameraman Earl and Reporter Sarah standing outside of Viridian City.

Cameraman Earl: We shouldn't be here, it's not safe..

Reporter Sarah: I didn't become a reporter to be safe, Earl. Just do your job and tell me when we go live!

Cameraman Earl: (I don't get paid enough to put my life in such danger...I got pokemon to take care of...) Going Live in 3... 2... 1... Go!

Reporter Sarah: Reporting live from Viridian City, site of the latest attacks from the terrorist group known as Neo Rocket. Their leader....

Reporter Sarah: Oh my! We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties... I'm hear...tha..sig..hac....ed...

The screen flashes for a bit, then a shadow of Noah Ketchum and Raichu appears!

Noah Ketchum: Thank you Porygon, you hacked that signal quite well...

Noah Ketchum: Ahem.. In the past Team Rocket has chosen to fight in the shadows... We of Neo Rocket, on the other hand, will fight....

Noah Ketchum: IN THE LIGHT! I am the leader of Neo Rocket, my name is Noah... Noah Ketchum!

Noah Ketchum: Join us and bring Justice to the world, or go aganist us and we will take you down... WHICH SIDE WILL YOU TAKE?!

The screen fades back to Reporter Sarah

Reporter Sarah: We're back on?

Reporter Sarah: Oh my! What a development! It seems the new leader of Team Rocket is none other than Ash Ketchum's son! We will have more coverage as it develops...stay tuned!

Meanwhile at the Hall of Fame Room in Kanto

Ash Ketchum: My could you...

Ash Ketchum: I will stop Neo Rocket...even if I have to stop my own son!

19 years earlier...Route 1...

Noah: C'mon Pichy, we got to deliver this Rare Candy for Dad!

Noah and Pichu run into the scene and Noah trips

Noah: OH NO! I dropped them!

Pichu: Pichuuuu! (The rats are coming!)

Many Rattata jump out and surround Noah and Pichu

Noah: We're surrounded Pichy! Protect the candy at all costs! Show them our power!

Pichu: Pichu pi! (This little mouse is going to teach those rats a lesson!)

End of Cutscene

Part 2
Moments after the battle.

Grunt Rob: That's him, we finally found him!

Grunt Andrew: Are you sure, Rob? He looks different from this picture.

Grunt Rob: I'm sure it's him, look he even has a Pichu with him.

Grunt Andrew: Yeah, you're right. Let's go then!

Grunt Rob and Grunt Andrew approach Noah and Pichu.

Grunt Andrew: Hey kid! We got a message for your dad, Ash Ketchum!

Grunt Rob: Listen up and listen well, I'm not repeating this again.

Noah: My Dad said never to talk to scary men in black outfuits with giant letters on their chest...

Pichu: Chu chu chu! (That's right we don't talk to you bullies!)

Grunt Rob: Well isn't your Dad soooo great.. look kid, just tell your dad we captured his precious Professor Oak!

Grunt Rob: Tell him to bring 5,000,000 Poke Dollars to Diglett's Cave tonight and to come alone, no police and NO POKEMON!

Grunt Andrew: Yeah! No Pokemon! Or we feed him to the Sharpedos! Do you understand?!

Noah: Yes sir...

Pichu: Pi pi... (What are we going to do...Noy?)

Noah: Don't worry Pichy, Dad will save the day like he always does!

Pichu: Pichu! (That's right! Your Dad will take care of it!)

Grunt Rob: Sure he will kid...HAHAHAHA! NOW SCRAM! GO ON AND TELL HIM!

Noah and Pichu run offscreen

End of Cutscene

Rescue Edit

Part 1
You see Ash Ketchum and Prof. Sketchit standing in Pallet Town's Research Facility

Prof. Sketchit: Seems like they haven't found our tracking device. They are heading to-

Noah Ketchum and Pichu come rushing into the facility

Noah: DAD! DAD! DAD!

Pichu: PI! PI! PI! (Hey dad! Noy has something to tell you!)

Ash: Not now Noah, we are busy here with a grown up matter.


Prof. Sketchit: So they finally reached out...but to your son...that's cold, even for Team Rocket...

Ash: I told you Tracey, they will stop at nothing and so we must also stop at nothing...

Pichu: Chu chu pi! (Noy! Noy! Tell them the other things!)

Noah: What's wrong Pichy? OH! DAD! They... they said to meet them at Diglett's Cave and no cops and no Pokemon...

Prof. Sketchit: Looks like our tracker was right, Gary has been taken to Diglett's Cave, thanks Noah, you did good!

Noah: *Smiles*

Ash: No police and no Pokemon...Diglett's Cave...This location may be to our advantage! Tracey do you still have the E.Z.E?

Prof. Sketchit: The Electronic Zubat Emitter? I sure do, and I like your thinking, Ash! I'll go calibrate it to work on the local Diglett, one moment.

Noah: Dad! You're going to save him from Team Rocket aren't you?! Aren't you?!

Ash: Yes, Noah, that's my job. To stop Team Rocket.

Noah: Let me go with you! I can help!

Ash: No, Noah, it's not safe. You stay here with Tracey.

Prof. Sketchit: Here you go Ash, and be careful out there! I'll have the police stand by to help you out in case Team Rocket decides to pull a fast one.

Ash: Don't think I'll need them but thanks, Tracey. Can I ask you a favor? Can you look after Noah for me?

Ash turns around and notices that Noah is gone

Ash: NOAH? NOAH?! WHERE ARE YOU?!... He must've ran off since I didn't let him come with me...

Prof. Sketchit: I'll go looking for him right away, he couldn't have gotten that far.

Ash: Don't worry about it, he probably just went home.. I need to head over to Gary, who knows what Team Rocket might do to him...

Ash leaves the facility and the screen fades to black

You now see Noah and Pichu hiding outside Diglett's Cave Entrance and it is night. Suddenly, Ash appears and marches into the cave.

Ash: Hold on tight Gary! I'm coming!

Noah: Pichy, we can't just stay behind and do nothing! What if something happens to Dad and Uncle?

Pichu: Pichu pi! (I'm not standing behind either!)

Noah and Pichu follow Ash into the cave. The screen fades to black again and now you see Noah and Pichu inside Diglett's Cave.

Noah: Umm...which way did Dad go?

Pichu: chu... chu...(I don't know...I'm just a mouse...)

Suddenly, two Team Rocket Grunts appear!

Grunt Andrew: I hear somebody over here, maybe it's Ash!

Grunt Rob: Well, well, well look who it is, if it isn't Ash's twerp again...did you come to save the day? HAHAHAHAHA!

Grunt Andrew: Why don't we capture him as well? I'm sure Ash would pay an even bigger sum for his own kid!

Noah: Pichy, I'm going to need your help here. Don't let them get to me!

Pichu: Pichu pichu! (I got your back, buddy!)

End of Cutscene

Part 2
(After the Gameplay)

Plans Edit

Part 2
After passing the test...

Lance: Wow! You're much better then I expected.

Lance: Okay so here is what you have to do. Climb down the mountain and go to Lavaridge Town. At midnight go to the hotsprings. There you will find a Team Rocket recruiter. I wish you luck, Noah. I hope you find the answers that you seek.

End of Cutscene