Protection level
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Stage Chapter: 1
Stage Type Defeat Nosepass and Sealeo

Note: Pause Button is Disabled for this level.

Description Edit

You can only use two Pokemon in this Level.

Spolier alert! The hidden info may spoil your fun of playing.

This is the second round and you are challenged by Lil Brock. You have to defeat his Nosepass and Sealeo. You and your opponents are given special resistance potions, which is a new mechanic.

Potion Holders Edit

Nosepass - Dark Blue Potion (Water Resistance)

Sealeo - Grey Potion (Rock Resistance)

Your 1st Pokemon - Light Blue Potion (Ice Resistance)

Your 2nd Pokemon - Grey Potion (Rock Resistance)

Layout Edit

Protection layout

Pokemon Edit

Pokemon Level Wave Moves
299 normal icon Nosepass (HP: ~2864) 42 1 Rock Throw, Quick Attack
364 normal icon Sealeo (HP: ~7200) 42 1 Ice Rock Throw, Quick Attack

Strategy Edit

The level can easily be beaten by a Venusaur at level 36 or more. Keep the ability as Overgrow and the move-set as

1. Double-Edge/Take Down/Tackle (Optional but can be used as backup)

2. Petal Dance (Powerful move, Poison Powder will also work but this is faster)

3. Growth (Most important move)

4. Razor Leaf/Vine Whip (Another powerful move)

Now what you need to do is to keep doing Growth till it is +6. The finally finish off with any powerful move. The basic is power yourself with Growth and use the power as an advantage. If you get attacked by the opposing enemy with the opposing type of attack that is opposing the potion you are holding, use the other pokemon as a human shield.